Hunt on to find Bermuda’s best fish sandwich

The Bermuda’s Best Fish Sandwich Competition is now under way after its launch yesterday at the Chamber of Commerce.

Organised by the Bermuda Tourism Authority, the competition runs for two weeks — allowing residents and visitors time to eat the “absolute tastiest fish sandwiches” as prepared by 40 different restaurants and takeout counters throughout the Island.

Customers will then cast their votes either online or by phone, giving restaurateurs a chance to win the endorsement of local diners and bragging rights as being the best fish sandwich in Bermuda.

Pat Phillip-Fairn, chief product and experience officer of the BTA, said: “A Bermuda traveller cares about a rich, authentic travel experience, and relies heavily on the advice of the people who live the Bermudian culture every day. This is especially true of our food culture.

“So once Bermuda has decided who makes the best fish sandwiches, we will pass that information on to visitors through our marketing. And based on this competition model: open, transparent and inclusive — travellers will have confidence they’re getting a truly credible recommendation, not something commercially manufactured.

The eateries with the most votes will advance to a second round where they will be judged by a panel of judges on taste, presentation, value and local flair.

Chris Garland, chairman of the Chamber’s restaurant division, said that the list of 40 establishments was highly diverse.

“Although we don’t represent all of these local restaurants and take out counters at the restaurant division, we are very encouraged to see such wide participation from across the Island,” he said. “It sends a signal that we have a vibrant culinary sector in Bermuda and food culture is a very important part of who we are as Bermudians.

“Now each of us in the restaurant community must use social and traditional media to get the word out to customers about what we’re offering over the next two weeks that makes us better than the rest. Don’t miss this great opportunity to win new customers.”

Kamilah Cannonier, creator of, added: “I decided that Bermuda foodie would be the catalyst to engage the conversation which is that we should be proud of what we eat as locals.

“Being involved in this competition is great. It should do wonders for Bermudian restaurants but also just Bermudian pride.

“I hope everyone has the opportunity to visit the restaurants and cast their vote.”

The competition ends August 14. You can cast your vote for Bermuda’s Best Fish Sandwich online at or by phone on 525-FISH.

Full Article Courtesy of The Royal Gazette.